Yesterday I wrote about why ‘Think And Grow Rich’ doesn’t resonate with me. (You can read about it here)

But today I’m going to tell you about the books that didn’t just resonate with me… it felt like they winded me with their truth and application to my life.

the slight edgeThe Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

There’s a lot in this book, but the crux of it is: it’s the little things that you do every day that will lead you to success, or not. So reading 5 pages of a self improvement book will not lead you to success, unless you do that every day. It’s those small (slight) things that you do, over time, that make the difference. We can get hung up on thinking we have to make some major changes in our lives or habits in order to be successful. But it’s not. It’s the small stuff.

“The simple things that lead to success are all easy to do. But they’re just as easy not to do.”



the miracle morningThe Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

It seems that the books that resonate the most with me are those that, even though it may take 200 pages to make it’s point, the book leaves me with a very succinct impression of what it’s about. So for The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, the gist of the book is this: Every day, get up early and do these six things: meditate, affirmations, visualise, exercise, read, write.
There are reasons why you do all of these things, of course, but by setting aside this time every morning you set yourself up for good things in your day, and life.
These are all things that the greats of personal development (like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn et al) tell us to do. But it’s all put into one hour every morning. Couldn’t be simpler!
But just like The Slight Edge talks about, changes won’t happen the first day you do a miracle morning, they will happen over time. So simple, yet so effective.

There have been others (The One Thing by Gary Keller, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen) but these two stand out as the most impacting on my life.

Here’s the thing though… in the sentence above I was careful to use the phrase: most impacting on my life, and not: changed my life. So even though these books took my breath away with their simplicity, and how relevant they are to my life, I haven’t changed.

And nothing will, until I do.

Which books have sucker punched you in the guts?

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