Why start your own personal development blog? Because you're got so much to share about your own journey is personal development / self-help / being-the-best-you! None of us are perfect. Not even Tony Robbins! But we all have something to share with each other; the struggles, the victories, the confusion and the light bulb moments. As you share your journey through personal development on a blog, you not only help others... you help yourself by ordering your thoughts and providing a record of all you've learnt and discovered.I’ve found that for me, writing my own blog has been a real help in sorting through my thoughts and cataloguing the plethora of ideas and tools that are available in personal development.

It’s taken me a while (okay, a loooong while) to get comfortable with writing about all this stuff, but it’s also been sooo good. I feel like my thoughts are so much more ordered than if I didn’t have to write them out coherently for other people to read.

And through it all I’ve learnt that I DO have something to share.

You see, even though I’m not revealing any new concepts or amazing techniques for getting everything you want… I am sharing my journey.

This journey of personal development / self improvement can be long and sometimes frustrating and you feel like you’re never going to get there.

But here’s the golden nugget of wisdom I’ve learnt…

It’s normal!

It’s normal to not get into the habit of affirmations.

It’s normal to feel like you’re never going to be successful (whatever that ‘success’ means to you)

Heck, it’s even normal to fall asleep when you meditate! (Ahem. Only once, but it did happen. :-/)

So if you want to start blogging too, I really encourage it. I’m not gonna lie, one of the reasons I want you to start a blog is that I don’t want to feel alone. I would love to read your blog that talks through the struggles of trying to be a better person. I would love to share in your frustrations (because more often than not, they’re the same as mine), and I want to share in your victories. I want you to explain how you’ve used visualizations in your life (for example), so that I can believe they will one day work for me.

And it’s not just me. By blogging about this stuff, you will be helping so many other people as well.

And in the process, I think you’ll find that you’ll be helping yourself, the most.

I mentioned in the first page how you can set up a blog for free. It’s not my recommended way, but please don’t let that stop you. The point is to get your fabulous words, thoughts and experiences out into the world. However you do that, is awesome.

If you’re ready to start your own blog, here’s the rest of the steps:

Registering a domain name


Connecting your domain name to your hosting

Install WordPress on your site (via your hosting)