Yes, horses really do have lessons for us about belief! Learn how the nature of a horse is not too dissimilar to the nature of our own subconscious.Your beliefs are like the will of a thirsty horse.

I heard a story just recently, that (for me) perfectly described the role of the subconscious in our life.

If you imagine that your subconscious is like a horse. The rider is your conscious. Now the rider (your conscious mind) may be pulling the reign in a certain direction to get the horse to go in that direction. But, ultimately the horse decides where to go… he’s the brute force of this relationship.

But if that horse is thirsty and he sees water, he’s going to that water.

And so it is with our subconscious. No matter what we may be telling ourselves with our conscious mind (the rider), if our subconscious believes something else, it will lead us irrespective of where the conscious mind is telling us to go.

(Now, I’ve ridden a horse maybe five times in my life; so I don’t know if horses actually do behave like this. But I can relate to the analogy. It makes sense to me. Maybe it does to you too.)

So what does this tell us?

It tells us, that if you want to go in a certain direction, you MUST ensure that your beliefs are in line with that direction. Your subconscious is going to take you in whatever direction it believes, so make sure your beliefs are consistent with your desired direction.

How do you change your beliefs? Stay tuned…

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