Yesterday I wrote in the ‘About Me’ section of this blog. Go check it out! Please… it took me hours… and that was only glossing over the surface.

But today I’m going to reveal more about who I am, and why on earth you should read my blog.

So let’s start at the beginning…

The purpose of this blog is to inspire you.

That’s it.

Nothing too world changing huh. Hang on… we could change the world.

Yeah… 🙂

But what I am going to do, is try really hard to make this blog interesting and informative while we’re at it. But above all, I’m going to strive to be inspiring.


Because I need it.

How’s that for a self-serving purpose?


Sunset and Reflections at Merritt Reservoir, Nebraska. Photo by: Diana Robinson

Beautiful pictures are inspiring, no?

You have to understand, I’m new at this blogging thing. So I’m trying to ‘find my voice’ and provide ‘quality content’. I know I have to ‘post regularly’, ‘engage with my readers’, ‘increase traffic’ and all this other stuff the ‘gurus’ tell me I should be doing.

So as I bumble my way through this gig, please forgive me if I post some self-absorbed airy-fairy shite, ramble about the esoteric musings of the personal development brigade or bombarde you with motivational quotes… I’ll try and make this stuff relevant and interesting… but I don’t expect to get it right all the time. Heck, I’ll be glad if I ever get ‘it’ right, ya know.

Anyway, I said this post was gonna be about me and about you. So here’s the passport application form stuff:

About Me

11401281_10153514574460466_5511193955689105303_nName: Michelle Rudge

Age: 42

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Married – to that hot hunk (Ben) there –>

Children: None

Nationality: New Zealand Maori

Address: Auckland, NZ

Occupation: SQE Analyst (I look after the Safety, Quality and Environmental data for my company, an infrastructure construction company)

Hobbies: roller derby, travel (I’m still living on travel stories from my OE twenty years ago and I read more travel blog than I care to admit to), is eating chippies (crisps) and drinking wine a hobby?

Philosophy: Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Surely?

This next bit is going to be a total stab in the dark. I have no idea what type of person you are, but I’m presuming you will be at least a little bit similar to me…

About You


Name: ??

Age: 29-56

Gender: Female That’s not to say the gents aren’t welcome, I’m just presuming it’s mostly women that will identify with me. Either way, I promise not to talk about menstrual cups. Or my emotions.

Actually, I will talk about my emotions.

Relationship Status: Unimportant

Children: 0-12

Nationality: English speaking. Even though you might not understand half of what I say. Count yourself lucky that you don’t have to listen to my thick kiwi accent.

Address: Worldwide

Occupation: Professional. (Do I get to call myself professional? Probably a corporate worker is better. Oh no, an office worker, that’s what I am. Either way, it sounds boring)

Hobbies: Wanting to improve yourself either physically, mentally or emotionally. Sporty, outdoorsy, a reader.

Philosophy: Knowing that this life has more to offer you than what you are currently enjoying.

Am I kind of right? Feel free to tell us who you really are in the comments below.

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